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Writing To Heal

People often tell me that they would love to write and when I say, ‘Do it!’ they then tell me they don’t know how. I find that interesting in today’s world. We write all the time: Blogs, texts, Facebook, but I guess most don’t think of it as writing because there’s always someone judging: a […]

Divorced Divas – Chapter 2 cont’d

Brad never complained about our sporadic sex life. He’s not even complaining now—about anything. In fact, he’s not talking, full stop. No explanation at all for this impending divorce, other than he wants to be single again. Says he can’t handle married life. Ha! Oh, he can’t handle married life? That’s a joke. What has […]

Divorced Divas pg 5

Divorced Divas pg 5: Alessandra waves away my protestations with a click of her tongue. ‘Boy, do you have a lot to learn, girl. Number one; your husband asked you for a divorce, not the other way around. For that, he needs to pay. The solution? Stop contributing. Close your cheque book tighter than your […]

The Divorced Divas – page 2

‘Thank you.’ ‘How do you make limoncello?’ ‘If I told you that, I’d have to kill you,’ Alessandra drawls. ‘It’s an Italian secret. Suffice to say, it is made from one hundred percent alcohol.’ I don’t doubt that. ‘And lemons, obviously.’ ‘Just the oil of the lemon skins—no juice and no pith.’ ‘Lots of pith […]

The Divorced Diva’s

The Divorced Divas Chapter 1 ‘The bastard!’ This succinct comment comes from my girlfriend Alessandra. She sums up my husband Brad to a tee. Brad the bastard. Bastard; a word that could be synonymous with the word ‘man’. Or Brad… now that I come to think of it.                  We are sitting in Alessandra’s […]

A writer’s journey

A writer can easily become a recluse. Lost in a world of fiction, their characters often become their closest form of contact. I know this. I’m a writer. Many of my ‘real’ friends understand my apparent vagueness when I finally allow myself out to mingle. I’m often caught between two worlds; one foot in reality, […]


They   They poison our water; put metal in our teeth They spy on each other; choose war over peace   They lock up our children; who can forget Schapelle? What’s a mother to do when her daughter’s in hell? They tax alcohol and tobacco, while reaping the gain Then do nothing to help victims […]

Kandooma Island (Holiday Inn) Maldives

Kandooma (Holiday Inn) Maldives   Having written about Hudhuran Fushi, where I recently holidayed for nine days, I will now talk about Kandooma where I stayed for five nights. We chose these two particular islands mainly due to the surf breaks for hubby. The experience at both islands was quite different; Hudhuran Fushi (also known […]