Jaci Byrne

Jaci Byrne

 From an early age, having been accused of being a ‘notorious exaggerator’ one too many times, Jaci Byrne knew she was destined to perform in some form or another.

Her dancing aspirations flew out of the window after realising that her ‘slightly chubby’ thighs were not ballerina material. And although her acting roles were quite prolific, she soon tired of being a supporting act (think tree, think pumpkin.) A singer? Perhaps not…

It was aboard ship, aged 13, while immigrating to Australia from the U.K. with her family that Byrne discovered her penchant for the written word. Having become infatuated with a fellow passenger, a Dutchman 7 years her senior, who spent his days in the ship’s library writing to his girlfriend back home, Byrne sat close by writing of her feelings for him in the hope that he would notice her. He didn’t. And when her words of unrequited love were discovered by her irate father, she was confined to her cabin for the remainder of the trip for being – you guessed it – a notorious exaggerator, among other expletives.

But, the penny had finally dropped… Yes, perhaps she was a notorious exaggerator – but she was exceedingly good at it! A writer was born…

Still… life goes on and dreams don’t pay the mortgage. High school, early childhood studies, nursing, marriage, two children, a fashion & design business, a divorce and remarriage later, Byrne finally decided to listen to her heart, take the plunge and devote her time to writing. After attending many courses at the Byron Bay and Sydney Writers’ Centres, she finally achieved her lifelong dream to write fulltime and now spends idyllic days on Sydney’s Northern Beaches in Australia with her twin soul and husband Doug, doing just that.