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The Music Maker: One POW Provided Hope To Thousands

On May 8 1945, forty-six-year-old Drum Major Jackson staggered towards his American liberators. Emaciated, dressed in rags, his decayed boots held together with string, he’d been force-marched for twenty days over the Austrian Alps after five heinous years as a POW in Nazi labour camps. He collapsed into his liberators’ arms, clinging to his only meaningful possession—his war diary. Having already experienced the horrific nature of battle in the First World War, Jackson had now survived another War—unlike hundreds of his mates, who’d succumbed to disease, insanity, or had been killed in action. Men far younger than he. But he could never have imagined what awaited him on the home front.

A captivating testament to human endurance, Jackson’s diary and photos, one of the last such memoirs to be published, is the inspiration for The Music Maker. An unforgettable and gripping true story about the life and times of a humble man who, through his passion for music, overcame extreme adversity.


I was gripped by this book. It is a must-read.

Kenneth G Ross, Australian playwright of BREAKER MORANT fame, a war and trial film.

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Best Friends and Bastards

To all who think they know her, 39-year-old Angie Romeo is leading a blessed life. Living on Sydney’s sublime northern beaches and married to a successful realtor this well-respected Obstetrics Nurse Unit Manager should have ‘no worries, mate’ as the Aussie saying goes.

However, Angie knows her life is far from perfect. She’s a frustrated writer, she has a niggling feeling that her husband George may be cheating on her and she’s desperate for a child. Angie has got one aspect of her life down to perfection, though—the art of dissimulation. But the masquerade can only last so long, as Angie soon discovers when her best friend accompanies her on a holiday to Bali after George reneges, forcing Angie to question her relationship with everyone—best friends and bastards alike.


A good blend of comedy and drama.

I really enjoyed this book. Jaci Byrne writes with the confidence of a bestselling author. I wish her much success and hope she writes many more novels. The story made me laugh in places and drew a tear or two in others. It was a good blend of comedy and drama and it was filled with memorable characters. Plus, thanks to this book, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to listen to Steve Miller’s “The Joker” again without cracking a smile.

Amazon 5 stars – Perry Martin

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The Girls’ Weekend

Ever since they met in their first year of high school ‘The Blonde Babes’ as they call themselves have remained the best of friends. Over the years Jasmine, Jane, Sandi and Carla have celebrated their continuing friendship with an annual girls’ weekend. This year it’s on Australia’s Gold Coast. But when an affair begins, a marriage ends and dramas with a runaway child unfold their friendship is left in tatters. And one of them emerges as the ultimate betrayer…


Favorite Kindle Book so far!

I loved this book. Not your average story! I was constantly filled with anticipation of what would happen next! The author continued to surprise me with with twists that I didn’t expect to happen. Great read for those that love a little mystery.

Amazon 5 stars – Yilbit

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Penny Lane

Twenty-two-year-old Anna Jackson moved to London in order to make something of her life. She’s on her way. It’s her last year of fashion design school and Anna can see a bright future ahead. There’s only one problem—her boyfriend Barney doesn’t seem to share her ambitions.

Street busker ‘Jingles’ is living in a time warp. He’s still pining for an old love over thirty years in the past, his wife has left him and taken the kids and Jingles is living in a men’s shelter.

After two disastrous marriages, fashion design is all successful business owner Della Andrews needs in her life now. She had only one true love, the man who is now her archrival in business. However, try as she might Della cannot turn off her feelings for him.

So, what could Anna, Jingles and Della possibly have in common? What could lead them to come together and finally find the passion and love they so desperately desire?

The answer lies in the love they already have—their shared love of the Beatles’ music.


The Beatles transcend time and memories.

I will sum this book up in one word: BRILLIANT!

Amazon 5 stars – Jeff Dawson.

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Best Friends and Bastards 2

Angie Reynolds has already proved she’s a survivor. She’s forged a new life, left her marriage, her nursing career and become a successful writer. But still, there’s something missing. Something she swore she would never need again. Something. Or rather… someone. A man who truly rattled her cage. A man she still dreams of. A man she thwarted due to her past misjudgements of him.

Then, when Angie is handed the chance to redeem herself in the eyes of this man she takes it. But will he be waiting for her in Bali, the place where it all began?


I simply adored this sequel to Best Friends and Bastards! Thank you, Thank you. It was worth waiting for!

Tina Louis