Women’s Contemporary Fiction

Jaci Byrne

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Byrne’s work is interwoven with twists and turns, humour and empathy, intrigue and passion. She writes about relationships; about ordinary women facing extraordinary situations; about you, about me and about how we interrelate.

Byrne’s work to date: Women’s Contemporary Fiction

‘Best Friends and Bastards’ was released in 2011, ‘The Girls’ Weekend’ in 2012, and ‘Penny Lane’ in 2013. The sequel to Byrne’s debut novel, ‘Best Friends and Bastards 2’ is due for release at the end of 2014.

Women’s Contemporary Fiction. Available from Amazon

Available from Amazon

Best Friends and Bastards

According to most, 39-year-old Australian, Angie Romeo, is living a blessed life. Living on Sydney’s sublime northern beaches, married to a handsome and successful realtor, and a well-respected Nurse Unit Manager of a busy obstetrics ward, she should have ‘no worries mate’, as the Aussie saying goes.

However, for Angie, this is far from the truth. Although she suspects her husband George of having had past dalliances, she chooses to live in complete denial, believing that a baby will solve this dilemma. Only problem: her biological clock is ticking, and no baby in sight. And her interfering mother just keeps adding fuel to the proverbial marital fire.

Booking a romantic holiday to Bali for her and George in order to reinvigorate their marriage, Angie soon finds herself in a situation far out of her comfort zone, and she is forced to face the truth. Her world is turned upside down as she begins to suspect her best friends of being right bastards. And some of the people she had thought of as right bastards could just well become her best friends.


A good blend of comedy and drama.

I really enjoyed this book. Jaci Byrne writes with the confidence of a bestselling author. I wish her much success and hope she writes many more novels. The story made me laugh in places and drew a tear or two in others. It was a good blend of comedy and drama and it was filled with memorable characters. Plus, thanks to this book, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to listen to Steve Miller’s “The Joker” again without cracking a smile.

Amazon 5 stars – Perry Martin

Available from Amazon

The Girls’ Weekend

Ever since they met in their first year of High School in the late 1960’s and named their group, ‘The Blonde Babes,’ Jasmine, Jane, Sandi and Carla have remained the best of friends.

In adulthood, over the years, they have celebrated their continuing friendship at their annual girls’ weekend away together.

However, all that comes to an end in March 2006, when through the events of the weekend away on Australia’s Gold Coast they begin to realise that none of them is who or what they have seemed in the past.

As an affair begins, a marriage ends, and dramas with a runaway child unfold, their friendship explodes and each of the four friends is forced to choose sides.

And one of them will become the ultimate betrayer…


Favorite Kindle Book so far!

I loved this book. Not your average story! I was constantly filled with anticipation of what would happen next! The author continued to surprise me with with twists that I didn’t expect to happen. Great read for those that love a little mystery.

Amazon 5 stars – Yilbit

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Penny Lane

Twenty-two-year-old Anna Jackson moved to London in order to make something of her life. She’s on her way. In her last year of fashion design, Anna can see a bright future ahead. There is only one problem: her boyfriend, Barney, doesn’t seem to share her ambitions.

‘Jingles’, a street busker, is living in a time warp. Still pining for an old love he lost over thirty-years ago, his wife has left him and taken the kids, leaving Jingles to his music, and life in a men’s shelter.

After two disastrous marriages, fashion design is all successful business owner Della Andrews needs in her life now. She only had one true love, the man who is now her archrival in business. However, try as she might, Della cannot turn off her feelings for the man.

So what could Anna, Jingles and Della possibly have in common? What could lead them to all finally find the passion and love they desperately desire, in a way none of them would ever have dared to imagine?

The answer lies in the love they already have: their shared love of the Beatles’ music.


The Beatles transcend time and memories.

I will sum this book up in one word: BRILLIANT!

Amazon 5 stars – Jeff Dawson.

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Best Friends and Bastards 2

Angie Reynolds is a survivor. She’s come to accept her infertility, overcome the betrayal of her husband with her best friend, and is days away from getting a divorce. She’s even forged a new life: left her nursing career, become a writer, and is awaiting a promising publishing contract. But, Angie is wary—of men. There is one man, though. A man who truly rattled her cage. A man she still dreams of. But, a man she’s thwarted due to her past misjudgements of him—fellow writer and widower, Jack Ambrose. Having discovered he’s a good, honest man, Angie is given a second chance at love. She takes it, and heads off to Bali where he is waiting for her at the Ubud Writers’ Festival. But will it all run smoothly? Will the beguiling Jack Ambrose and Angie hit it off, or is it all a big mistake?

Following the success of her novel Best Friends and Bastards, Jaci Byrne has answered her readers’ pleas and written the sequel of the journey of Australian Angie Reynolds and her quest to find happiness. So, find a warm spot, pour yourself a nice glass of wine (or a cup of tea if you prefer) and please enjoy Best Friends and Bastards 2.