The Divorced Divas – pg 3

The Divorced Divas Pg 3:

Ouch! Why don’t you give it to me straight, woman? This is not what I came here for. I came here for support. I came here to get drunk on this wonderful concoction and wallow. I grimace and take a long slurp from the frosted cocktail glass in my hand.

‘Aren’t you angry? Don’t you feel like fighting him?’ Alessandra continues.

‘Fighting?’ I ask through the alcoholic fuzz in my head. ‘Oh, you mean fighting FOR him?’

Alessandra rises to her feet and throws her hands up in the air. She exhales, taking so long to do so that I marvel at her lung capacity. ‘Fighting for yourself, Olivia,’ she finally says.

Oh, now there’s a thought. She is right, of course. Alessandra is always right. And, yes, I was angry, but that was two months ago following the shock of Brad’s untimely divorce request. Then I was in denial and I tried to continue on as normal. But when he moved into the spare room I had to face facts and so I tried bargaining, to no avail. He still insisted on a divorce. Now I’m grieving. I’ve read some books and I understand the five stages of grief; denial and isolation, anger, bargaining, depression and finally acceptance. Apparently one can shift between each stage at any given moment. I like that. There’s one I won’t succumb to though—the acceptance phase. I am never going to go through the acceptance stage. Never! Although I’m damned sure I’m ready to enter into the bargaining phase again, because the atmosphere in my home is as cold as this cocktail. Icy. I let out a long sigh and shrug my shoulders once more.

‘Oh, come on, woman!’ Alessandra shouts, causing me to spill my much needed drink. ‘You have to do something. Take back control of your life, Olivia!’

Her voice is shrill. It’s upsetting my yin and yang. But, I have to admit that, once again, she’s right.

‘Like how?’ I ask, looking into her fierce eyes as if they hold the answer to the meaning of life. Well, the meaning of MY life…

To be continued…

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