The Divorced Diva’s

The Divorced Divas

Chapter 1

‘The bastard!’

This succinct comment comes from my girlfriend Alessandra. She sums up my husband Brad to a tee. Brad the bastard. Bastard; a word that could be synonymous with the word ‘man’. Or Brad… now that I come to think of it.

                 We are sitting in Alessandra’s lounge room and I’m planning on getting well and truly stonkered on limoncello, Alessandra’s favourite drink. She’s of Italian descent. Using an old family recipe, she makes the brew and keeps batches in her freezer for times such as this. Need I point out that Alessandra has a large freezer.

                 I love Alessandra; love to pronounce her name… Alessssssahhhndra. It simply rolls off the tongue. Perhaps not so much after a few limoncellos. Her name means ‘defender of mankind,’ which pretty well sums up my friend. Although womankind is more her preference, if you get my gist. Feisty, protective and loyal, Alessandra is a woman you need on your side when facing a divorce, especially an unexpected one, such as I’m now facing.

                 Why? I keep asking myself. Why would my husband want a divorce? I’m okay in the looks department. Could even stretch that to good. But I’m no dog. And I can cook, albeit with an over dependence on my microwave. My menu consists of two options: take it or leave it. But… reheats! I’m great at reheats! ‘The Reheat Queen’, my kids call me. But, in actual fact, one needs to cook an awesome (and very large) meal in the first place so as to provide reheats for the next week. Wouldn’t you agree?

                 Back to Alessandra. ‘Yum! I adore this stuff,’ I say, slurping on my drink.

To be continued….

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