They poison our water; put metal in our teeth

They spy on each other; choose war over peace


They lock up our children; who can forget Schapelle?

What’s a mother to do when her daughter’s in hell?

They tax alcohol and tobacco, while reaping the gain

Then do nothing to help victims going through pain

They send man to the moon and far into space

But can’t figure out how to clean up this place

They form councils and governments, in order to rule

Then they treat constituents like a bunch of old fools

They encourage companies, such as James Hardy

But if you get asbestosis, they won’t come to the party

They inject young babies before they contract a disease

While old people wait years for a new set of knees

They swear on their bibles; wed under an oath of God

But only if they’re heterosexual; stuff the other poor sods

And speaking of religion, well, it’s okay if it’s yours

All others are wrong, and they’ll fight for that cause

‘Ism’ is the new catchphrase for both creed and race

But don’t you dare socialise with others of a different face

Men march for abused women, but prefer they remain silent

For, how could these men be the perpetrators of violence?

Scorned women manipulate kids into hating their dads

Then wonder why they grow into tormented lasses and lads

They pour millions into a search to cure human ills

While believing the answer lies in producing more pills

They worship money, and justify it by donating to the poor

But they don’t want them to enter through their front door

They shake their heads when news depicts humans on knees

But agree their country can’t take any more refugees

And just who are these people we refer to as ‘they’?

It’s you and me brother; perhaps we’ll realise one day.

By Jaci Byrne

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