Facebook, Sex, Dating, and Relationships

Facebook, Sex, Dating, and Relationships.

How do people find that shaboom with a significant other these days? Find Mr. or Ms. Right?

Today’s world is an eWorld. Billions upon billions of dollars are made via the use of social media and online dating sites. It wasn’t too long ago that we scoffed when we heard that a couple had met online. Today, it is quite the norm. But what about the spark? Does one feel the same spark when meeting online?

I suppose it is as possible as it was in times past when couples corresponded via snail mail before meeting each other. Think of the soldiers during WW1 and WW2, who received unsolicited letters from supporters back home. Some of the letters were just handed out willy nilly to any soldier in need of mail. So did sparks fly? In some cases- you bet!

Sparks are flying all around the globe as you read this – via online sites, speed dating, singles clubs, or via more traditional methods.

If you have been following my blogs you will know that I am a writer. I write in the genre of women’s contemporary fiction: I write about romance, relationships, sex, love and friendships.

Having published two books on Amazon – Best Friends and Bastards and The Girls’ Weekend, and having received some wonderful feedback and reviews from my readers worldwide, I am currently completing my third novel of fiction, Within You Without You, which is due out in several weeks.

Then I will start interviewing people for my next book – a non-fiction – about serendipitous first meetings where sparks flew.

I am searching for men and women who have a unique story to tell about their first meeting with that special someone: someone who changed their world. Funny meetings, serendipitous meetings or perhaps seemingly impossible meetings – i.e. were you running late or did you go to the wrong place, hadn’t wanted to be there, felt miserable, had a cold, bad hair day, were dating someone else – and there they were – staring at you as if you were the most beautiful person they’d ever seen? Or had you thought they were the world’s biggest jerk until…. SHABOOM!

I’m interested in a good story! Wherever you are in the world – whatever era it occurred, whatever your culture, sex, or sexual preference, religion or creed, I want to interview you and put your story in my next book for the world to sigh about – FOREVER!

Interested? Or perhaps you know of a friend who has a great story to tell? If so, contact me via my website: http://www.jacibyrne.com

In fact, if you’re reading this – You’re already here! Just send me an email and register your interest. I’m waiting….

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