Barack Obama and the art of romance.

I had never heard the name Barack Obama until Oprah Winfrey first interviewed him and his wife Michelle on her show in October 2006. However from that moment on, I have loved the man. Not for his policies, but rather, because he is a man who loves, admires and respects his wife… (big sigh here).

That day in 2006, as I sat there on my well-used, lumpy old couch, gorging myself on Oreos and watching Oprah’s eyes mist over with longing, I realized that Barack is the kind of man we women would all love to have in our lives. He is the hero, the kind of man a writer of romance needs in every novel plot.

What woman with a teaspoon of romance in her blood could forget watching Barack and Michelle dancing to Beyonce singing the Etta James classic “At Last” at the Home State Ball on Jan 20th 2009 when celebrating Obama’s Presidential inauguration?

Yes, the sight of a man who is devoted to his woman can entice middle-aged women to throw off their track suits, don their still-packaged g-strings, abandon their hidden chocolate, and engage in wild sexual fantasies with their spouses of twenty-odd years. Men devoted to their women – think, Kirk Douglas, think Paul Newman, think Denzel Washington, think Tom Hanks, John Travolta…. ahhh, yes, that’s it – I can see you shedding your tattered old dressing gowns as I write!

You see, the loyal men of this world evoke longing in our languid loins, add spice to our sporadic sex lives, and put a touch of oil on our rusty bits…

But, hold on a minute! As much as a writer needs a hero – a best friend, they need an antagonist – a bastard. Let me think of one… hmmm. Oh yes! Introducing, say… ah… Bill Clinton!

Can you remember where you were in January 1998, when Clinton claimed “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky”? No? Well, neither can I, but if I asked you what emotions his words evoked in you, I can guarantee you will recall some adjectives, maybe even some expletives. Perhaps even expletives akin to: ‘dirt bag’, ‘lowlife’, ‘sleaze ball’… perhaps even something like, ‘you-cheating-spawn-of-Satan-lying-turd-you’. Or, let me name some other antagonists to get you going: Jesse James, Tiger Woods, Prince Charles, Arnold Schwarzenegger… Feeling it now?

Yes, the antagonists of this world evoke hatred in our hearts, indignity in our innards, and mess with our minds. And it is precisely these emotions a writer seizes upon when searching for characters. Love them or hate them, real-life characters stimulate discussion and debate. And a writer strives to achieve that with her fictional characters.

Why am I telling you all this? I want you to download my eBook, ‘Best Friends and Bastards’ for only $2.99. Great reviews and a great read! Read it for a good laugh. Read it for a good cry. Read it to stir those emotions in you. You never know, it might just get those rusty bits going again! Here’s the link:

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