Indie Success – making the sales on Amazon

Indie Success

By mid January 2012, my debut novel, ‘Best Friends and Bastards,’ had been languishing inside the great labyrinth’s of Amazon for close to three weeks, and although very grateful for any sales thus far and still beaming with delight to see all my hard work in published form, I couldn’t exactly approach my bank to take out a loan for a round-the-world book signing tour (okay, I couldn’t even buy that new bikini I had my eye on for the tour.)

You see, the novel was an eBook and in Kindle format for sale at $2.99, and whilst the support from family, friends and Facebook fans in Australia had been really encouraging, when I logged onto my Amazon account (which I tried to keep to only every hour) I was stunned to see that I was only receiving 35% commission for every book sold to Australians. When I enquired about this I was told that foreign purchases are heavily taxed.

Foreigners? Who are foreigners? We’re Australians for God’s sake!

Nope, sorry Ma’am – Aussies are foreigners to us Amazonians. If you want to receive 70% commission, you’ll have to get the Brits and the Yanks to buy your books! And if you want to go on that world tour, you’ll need them to but masses of them.

Hmmmm…Back to Facebook? Maybe join Oprah’s fan page? Blog more, Twitter more?


Okay, join the Writer’s Cafe on Amazon and chat away all day, saying how wonderful other author’s are (remember the golden rule on Amazon forums is do not brag, boast or self promote.)

Well, adhering to the bragging and boasting part was easy! Nothing to brag and boast about…

So, there I sat – meekly asking questions, reading posts and sending out my words of congratulations to my fellow literary hopefuls in the hope that someone would click on my site and expose my literary genius to the world (especially in the USA and UK – remember.)

THEN one day – dah dah! (Isn’t that how the story goes?), I was sitting hanging on the peripheries of the Writer’s Cafe, when I read a post from an author saying he’d reached 30,000 sales! Now, I know we weren’t supposed to brag but that was soooo brag worthy!

I jumped on his site and send him a direct message, something to the tune of ‘Wow! Congratulations, wonderful, amazing, you’re a genius….’ and then I got straight to the point – ‘How did you do it?’

God bless the man – David his name was – he emailed me back! He is an Aussie, bless his little kangaroo paws, and he said the same thing I did in the closing of my last post. – It was embarrassingly simple….

Until my next blog – Jaci

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