Self Publishing Success!

Self Publishing Success

Forgive me for being so tardy in getting this blog out. I have been furiously trying to get my next novel, ‘The Girls’ Weekend’ published and I am happy to say it is now at the proofreaders – a very vital step in pre-publishing.

I found my proof reader, Bev Harrison, or should I say Bev found me, after she had read my last novel, ‘Best Friends and Bastards.’ I like a person who is proactive and when Bev contacted me and pointed out the few mistakes in the book and offered her services, I jumped at the chance. I was impressed with what she had picked up on whilst also being relieved that she had only found one typo! However, there’s more to a professional novel than just correct spelling, and I now know I overuse commas and incorrectly use apostrophes sometimes and I also over hyphenate, so when Bev showed me that, I asked her to proof read ‘The Girls’ Weekend.

Here is Bev’s website for those of you wanting a great and reasonably priced proof reader:

As all writers know, by the time you get through the 80,000 odd words of a manuscript and have rewritten, reworked and rearranged the manuscript several times, you can no longer see the forest for the trees! So, an independent proof reader is a must.

The other valuable person in my literary life is my book cover designer and e-Publisher, Michele. I have mentioned Michele before, but she is such a gem, I will do so once more: You just have to see her work to believe it!

So, enough about my next novel – how is ‘Best Friends and Bastards’ going I hear you ask. Are you a gazillionaire yet, Jaci?

Well, the novel was launched on Amazon, Smashwords and my own website at the end of December 2011, and as delighted as I was with seeing it up there, I was told (and re-told) by Michele that I would have to promote it if I wanted it to sell. My initial reaction was to run for the hills. Couldn’t Michele just promote it? I wanted to write, remember. I was no book marketer. As usual Michele (remember I call her Patience nowadays) urged me to make an attempt. Get on Facebook, Twitter like there is no tomorrow, and blog, blog, blog, Jaci!

I did all of the above but still, apart from a few sales trickling in throughout December and the first two weeks of January, my book remained in the bowels of the mighty Amazon. There are one million books on Amazon – how would I ever get noticed? Well, I’m delighted to say I did. In fact the ranking for my novel reached number 10 out of 1mill!

How? It was embarassingly simple.

Until my next blog – Jaci

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