Self Publishing – The Indie World.

Self publishing – The Indie world.

One day, my manuscript gathering dust on my shelves, I received an email from my son, Liam McCallum, in Hong Kong. He’s an I.T. genius who owns QVIVO, (you really need to check it out if you’re a media buff) and he was obviously far more confident in his mum’s ability to write than she was by this stage.

Liam encouraged me to look into self publishing online and, knowing what a technophobe I was, even pointed me in the right direction by offering me a list of ePublishers. I trawled through the list and sent away many emails of enquiry, only to discover they were as diverse in their offerings as traditional publishers. Many of them offered packages – ie – print on demand paper books and eBooks. Some offered marketing as well but the costs were often astronomical.

Now, I am like most writers – we only want to write and often we are not too savvy when it comes to the eWorld. The Sydney Writers Centre offered a course in ePublishing and I was tempted to attend but, once again, I realised that the process of getting published was going to take up more of my time than writing the blasted book – not to mention the next… and next.

I discovered that I would have to design a book cover (huh?) and convert it to a file with a strange name and certain pixels (Double huh?). Then I would need to convert it to ePub for Amazon and Mobi for the Apple iBookstore along with Author pages, accounts, payment details, keywords, categories, author bios and ditto for Smashwords (oh yeah, like I could do that!) Huh? Huh?

Oh, and then there was my website with a shopping cart and search engine optimisation, Twitter and Facebook accounts….

Got the picture? Me too…

I contacted my son again. I can’t do this – all too hard, sorry, son, but you mum is just confused (or should I have said – confusing?)

Liam told me to look up a company based in Queensland, I did so, but rather than trawling through the site, I picked up the phone, and I have to say that it was the best thing I have ever done. Michele and I talked for over an hour and I forwarded her my manuscript as soon as I hung up.

In a nutshell – Michele is a whizz. Encouraging me to start on my next book, (ahhhh…) Michele took over the design and ePublishing of ‘Best Friends and Bastards,’ and within four weeks I had a brilliant book cover, an author bio, a book intro, the book converted for Amazon and Smashwords, a wonderful website with all the instructions for blogging (using it now), a Facebook and Twitter account – both in the same theme as my website and a Paypal account, and ‘Best Friends and Bastards’ was up for sale!

Was that the end? Well, not quite. I now refer to Michele as, Patience. I was still on a steep learning curve, plunged into the depths of Indie world.

Until my next blog – Happy writing – Jaci.

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