Just For The Kids!

Just for the kids

I’m taking a quick break from blogging about myself and my experiences with writing and getting publishing and I’m adding something for the kids. Just for fun and just for them. You see, I love to write. I usually write for women, and with my latest book, ‘Best Friends and Bastards, I have been rewarded with sales and great reviews on Amazon. However, I have also written for young children in the past and, as most women have children and grandchildren or nieces and nephews, I would like to give something back to my loyal readers. I will sprinkle the stories throughout my blogs, as I said: just for fun and just for all the beautiful kids out there. Each story focuses in on a particular little problem. The book is called, ‘The Big Book of Little Problems.’ This story relates to grumpiness and I’m sure every mum, aunty and grandma in cyber land will relate! I hope the kids enjoy.

Reginia Lavinia Forteskew Rump

Reginia Lavinia Forteskew Rump

Awoke one morning – a terrible grump!

She grumped through her breakfast

She grumped going to school.

She grumped in the classroom

She grumped in the pool.

‘Oh, Reginia Lavinia Forteskew Rump!’

cried her teacher, Miss Bottomley,

‘You’re a terrible grump!’

‘Did you wake up on the wrong side of bed?

Or have you got a nasty pain in your head?’

‘Is it something you feel, or something you ate?

Or perhaps you’re angry, or too full of hate?’

Reginia Lavinia Forteskew Rump

couldn’t answer these questions

about why she was a grump.

She glared at the teacher, she held her breath.

She stamped her feet, she couldn’t care less!

She just felt like a grump and she didn’t know why

Her friends stayed away until she started to cry.

She cried at home: all over her tea.

She asked her mummy – ‘Why have the grumps got me?’

Her mummy shook her head and ran her a bath.

She poured in some bubbles and started to laugh.

‘Oh, my dear little girl: my little Miss Rump.

There are mornings when I wake up like a grump.’

 ‘I have to drag myself right into your room.

All over my head hangs a terrible gloom.’

‘But when I look at the face of my precious Princess,

Things do seem better, I have to confess.’

‘Now, let’s get you to bed for a good night’s sleep.

Give your grumps to your dreams, for them to keep.’

‘In the morning you’ll face a brand new day.

And go to school, be happy, laugh and play.’

Reginia Lavinia Forteskew Rump,

slept so soundly that night: not a thought of a grump.

She awoke the next morning before her mummy arose.

She washed her face and put on her clothes.

She sat eating her cereal until her mummy came out.

And when she saw her, she said in a shout.

‘I am Reginia Lavinia Forteskew Rump!

It’s a brand new day and no sign of a grump!’

She smiled through her breakfast.

She smiled going to school.

She smiled in the classroom.

She smiled in the pool.

‘Oh, Reginia Lavinia Forteskew Rump!’

cried her teacher, Miss Bottomley,

‘You’re no longer a grump!’

‘What has happened, my dear, to change your day?

What is it that has made the grumps go away?’

Reginia Lavinia Forteskew Rump,

Smiled at her teacher without one little grump.

‘Oh, that’s easy to answer. I just went to sleep.

And I gave the grumps to my dreams to keep!’

Her friends all laughed and begged her to play.

‘Tell us again, Reginia, how your grumps went away!’

Until my next blog – Jaci Byrne

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