If it makes your heart sing

Following through on my commitment to read all 324 pages of ‘Harmonic Wealth’ in one weekend in bed in order to find my passion, my mind started wandering during the first chapter due to the heaviness of the book. Good stuff – yes, but easy reading – no.

Seriously considering a strong coffee and one of those delicious, double, white chocolate, orgasmi-cakes from my local gourmet patisserie, I started drooling all over page 87, right under the heading of Success Is About Service: Give More to Get More, and realised that this book was actually rather good. The Law of Attraction was working! After all, here I was craving a coffee and cake and here was Mr. Ray saying that I could simply get out of bed, head to the patisserie, and they would give me great service, give me more, and I could get more – probably even a double helping! Wow, talk about instant Law of Attraction.

Turning the page quickly in order to finish the first chapter on Financial Wealth, absolve my guilt for not following through on my commitment to complete the book in one swoop, and get to the patisserie before closing time, my eyes goggled at the heading: Why Am I Here? What’s My Purpose?

Well, you can imagine my dilemma. This is why I bought the book in the first place – to find my passion! I would have to postpone the patisserie for a while. So, reading on, I found it: one line that changed my life, forever. This was it – this was my very own, ah-ha moment! The line was:

Think back to your childhood – the clues were there from the start.

Now, any of you who have read my past posts will realise that I was accused of being a notorious exaggerator – ad nauseam – throughout my childhood and way into my adult life. So what do you imagine a notorious exaggerator would do with that one teeny, weenie, line?

Yep, you guessed it… I exaggerated it! The words that now changed my life were:

Think back to your childhood and think of something you were repeatedly told about yourself which gave you the absolute shits and stuck with you for life, strangling the bejesus out of you and making you scream from your bowels with anger and frustration. Now, Jaci, take that something and ask yourself how you can use that talent for good. Because you actually love that part of yourself and you know it is a positive gift. How you can become a notorious exaggerator to such an extent that those folks who accused you of it will live to eat their words?

And the answer is plain for all to see. I found my passion and finally accepted that I was a writer. Even though my critics saw it as a bad thing, I turned it all around. I was given the gift of storytelling and I will damn well use it! So it may work for you. Perhaps not writing, but who knows what? In what did you excel as a child? Forget that you were criticised. If it feels good, if it makes your heart sing, if it makes you charge out of bed every morning, go for it!

P.S. (I never did go for that cake, I picked up a pen and started my first novel, ‘Best Friends and Bastards’ and my waistline has thanked me for it ever since.)

Until my next post – In Passion – Jaci Byrne

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